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Basic Trike Upgrades

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Rebadged ActionBent to Spider 2
Spider 2M
ICE Modified Neck-Rest
ICE Neck-Rest
Volae Carbon Fiber Seat & Ventisit Cushion with ICE Modified Neck-Rest
Front Headlight & Hornit 140db Horn

Maxxon Brake Light Rear View
This Brake has auto on and off and no wires or switches. It brightens on slowing and stopping.
Maxxon Rear View
Maxxon Brake Light Side View
Maxxon Side View
Brake Light Mount


NightRider CherryBomb Taillight


I removed the rack and the Planet Bike Superflash and replaced it with the NightRider CherryBomb which is brighter than the Superflash.

Velocity Chukker Wheel

Velocity Chukker
Knog Beetle Rear Facing Safety Light
I added the Knog Beetle to the handlebars below the brake lever on both left and right of the trike. This addition will add another layer of safety.

Custom Handlebars & SlipGrip iPhone Mount



Custom Computer Sensor Mount

Sensor Mount

Black Widow Neck Rest

Neck Rest


Neck rest made using existing headrest cut and turned, then mounted using Minoura mount.

New Digital Alarm Mirror Extension and Altimeter


Frame Pack Added Above NorBack

Phase 11

The above view shows the new frame pack and a 200 Lumen headlight. Also seen is my modified neck rest and covered seat.

Onboard Gear Storage Bags

Sumer Gear

Above Photo shows the FastBack NorBack bag on the boom, and the RavX bag on the cross "T". The NorBack holds spare tubes, patch kit, pump, Co2 inflater and my Mountain Morph Pump. The RavX bag holds my wallet & cellphone or snack bars etc.

New Avid BB-7 Disc Brakes to replace Avid BB-5


New FastBack Norback Frame Pack


Avid Rollamajig On Front & Rear Shifter Cables

Rollarmajig on front cable Boss


Rollamajig On Rear Dérailleurs


Improves Shifting for both front and rear.

Steering Modification Test Brackets

Steering Left

Left side Bracket Showing 50° Ball-End which has a  right hand thread.

Steering Right

Right side Bracket Showing 50° Ball-End which has a left hand thread

This modification changes the complete dynamics of the steering. It improves handling and eliminates tire scrub. It also makes the turning circle go from 16'6" to 9' which is a major improvement. Testing of this unit is on going.   A big plus with this modification is that I no longer have to remove the tierod ball ends to adjust the alignment. All I do now is lossen the left and right lock nuts shown above and turn the tierod clock wise to move the front of the tires in or counter clock wise to move the tires out.  This trike needs zero toe-in or toe-out. The trike requires parallel tires.

Ascent Carbon Bottle Cage & Custom Mount

Right Bottle Cage 2

The above photograph shows the Ascent Carbon Fiber Bottle Cage Mounts on the seat. There are two on the left and one on the right.

Right Bottle Cage 1

Right Bottle Cage one of two.

Left bottle Cage

Left Bottle Cage.

Archos 504 & Helmet Camcorder


Above is a photograph of my Archos 504 and the Archos Helmet Camcorder. Also the photo shows the Urban Tool Basic Shoulder Holster that I modified to hold the Archos 504. It was modified by removing the pen holder. Once removed the 2 pockets become one large enough to hold the Archos 504. The cables to the camera and remote are hidden from the Archos to the remote.

Q-Rings Installed

Q Rings

This photo the installation of the 40t middle and the 52t outer Rotor Q-Rings. This was the ultimate upgrade in combination with the Ultegra cranks.

Trice (ICE) Flag Mount

Flag Mount

This photo shows a standard Trice (ICE) flag mount that has been drilled out to 6.6mm to take a 1/4" whip. In this position the flag is easy to remove and replace as necessary when transporting in the SUV.

New FSA Orbit X Headsets


Replaced Existing Headsets and installed FSA Orbit X headsets to improve steering

165mm Ultegra Crankset 30/42/52


I replaced the existing Tracer crankset which was a 170mm crank also 30/42/52. The new shorter crank will allow me a higher cadence. I am also going to remove the middle 42 chain ring and replace it with a 40 tooth Q-Ring, which will take care of the dead spot. If I find it works well I will replace the 52 tooth with a 52 tooth Q-Ring.

New Command & Control

Below you can see the command a center with the Garmin Edge 305 at top next is the Sigma computer.

Front View

Command Control

Side View

I used a dual accessory mount to achieve this. The mount I used is available from ActionBent made by TW-Bents.

Sigma BC 1606L Cadence Sensor Mounting Details

Cadence Sensor

This shows the sensor mounted to main tube and magnet to crank.

Sigma BC 1606L Sensor Mounting

Speed Sensor

There is very little space to mount the computer sensor between the wheel and steering.



TerraCycle Accessory Mount

Light Mount

I have added the TerraCycle Accessory Mount to replace the Minoura SpaceBar which would not stay straight.



Smartube Hydration System

Smart Tube

Here is the installed Smartube Hydration System installed on the trike. I didn't use the rubber hose insulation they sent, I used the insulation from a Camelbak Hydration System. The maker of the Smartube is BlueDesert of Israel. They are working getting on a distributor in the USA

Modified Polar Bottle for Smartube System

Polor Smart Tube

Completed Polar Modification for Smartube

Modifications of Polar Cover for Smartube


Personalizing My Ride


Air-Mesh Seat Cushion

AirMesh Side


This Air-Mesh seat cushion allows air to circulate behind your back keeping it dryer. I will be testing this cushion tomorrow, I hope it is both cushioning to my rear as it is cool. The cushion consists of a Nylon Polyester wide hole mesh about 1" thick that looks like a bees honey comb and two removable covers. It is nice to have a removable cover which could be washed. Another innovation of TW-Bents.

Pad Riser

In the above photograph I have added a 5/8" closed cell foam pad with the spine area cut out. The reason for this addition was to make my head align with neck-rest. I had found that the angle my neck was on created a very painful situation.

MARS Club Logo Flag


Seat Wedge


I added a seat wedge to make me less prone to slide forward.

TerraCycle Idler Mounted 3" in front of original idler


I have added A TerraCycle Idler Kit to make the drive work much smoother. So now there is both a modification for the original idler and the new TerraCycle idler kit.

New Chain Tubes Mounted

Chain Tubes

The mounts shown above are made with Chuck Key holder available at most hardware stores. Below is a photo of the type I used. The large hole is how the holder is mounted to the frame using the existing bolt holding the T of the frame as shown above. The end that looks like a U with two holes is cut off at the desired length.

Chuck Key

New Chain Line

Chain Line

SpeedPlay Frogs

SpeedPlay Frogs

I removed these pedals from my Trek R200 recumbent, they are the best pedals with the most

float. The more float the less knee pain.

New Seat Cushion

New Cushion

Gale Force Blaster

GaleForce Blaster


Mega Horn Is a 120 dB electronic horn which really gets the attention of drivers.

Naming my Trike!



I had a custom decal made for each side of the Trike.

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