Why Did I Choose A Recumbent Trike
     Back in 1989 I had a fall on the job and injured my Cervical Spine.  The resulting injury forced me to give up riding my Diamond Frame (DF) bike as the strain on my neck caused unbearable pain.  I didn't know what I was going to do as riding was part of my life and it couldn't be replaced.  While visiting my doctors office, I explained to the doctor my love of riding and how it hurts to give it up.  He explained that I didn't have to give up riding and he mentioned Recumbent bikes.  I was very excited and couldn't wait to get home and do some research.  During my research I realized I couldn't afford one, as back then there wasn't as many options from the Orient. So I searched and searched and was lucky enough to find a slightly used Trek R200.  I meet the owner and took a test ride, I wasn't totally convinced as I found it hard to ride.  I thought a few minutes and felt it had a learning curve and I bought it for $600.00.  Two years later after a few falls at lights and stop signs, my Doctor again told me "If I continue to fall I will damage my neck beyond help" I was scared silly!  I then found listings for recumbent trikes and my addiction started.  By then there were options from TW and I bought a nice ActionBent trike.  I am so happy I spoke to my doctor and I found a solution to my riding addiction.